Solo Guitar Studio

Instruction • Performance

Acoustic and electric guitar lessons for children and adults of all skill levels in Redmond, Seattle, and Mill Creek. Professional classical guitar performance for weddings and special events.

Studio Policy

Tuition is billed at $130 per month, averaging four lessons per month. (Five-lesson months will compensate for three-lesson months.) Tuition is due on the first lesson of the month. For new students, partial months will be prorated.

Pricing is on a basis time reservation; once a slot is reserved, it cannot be sold to another student. Students will be charged for reserved time slots whether they attend the lesson or not. With the exception of July and August, there will be no prorated discounts for planned absences or missed lessons.

Absences will be resolved through rescheduling. Please notify me as early as possible of upcoming absences, as your slot may be used for rescheduling another student. Rescheduling within the same day or week is preferred, but longer lessons can be made available a following week based on availability. Rescheduling will not be guaranteed for absences without prior notice.

Exceptions will be made for the summer months of July and August; please notify me by the beginning of the month of all absences planned for that month, and tuition will be prorated accordingly. Short-notice absences will still be billed and resolved through rescheduling.

If discontinuing lessons becomes a consideration, please communicate with me, as I would be happy to work with you to resolve any dissatisfaction you may have. As a courtesy, please try to give two-weeks advanced notice when discontinuing, so that I can better manage my time slots. If you need to discontinue temporarily due to vacations or conflicts, you may be able to reserve your spot by paying a deposit on your return date, depending on the length of time.